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Norwegian Buhund Temperament (Energetic, Friendly): Do You Have Room in Your Home (and Heart) for This Fun-Loving Breed?

The Norwegian Buhund temperament makes him an ideal family dog. This is because he loves to have fun, and he loves everyone.

He is also protective, but never aggressive, and he’s not a nervous dog. The Norwegian Buhund is pretty chill when it comes to dog breeds.

Norwegian Buhund Temperament and Personality

There are five traits of the Norwegian Buhund temperament that will help you decide whether this is the right dog for you and your family:


The Buhund has a high energy level and a passion for herding.

If you’ve ever seen a herding dog in action, then you know how much they must run around to get the herd in order.

Picture that level of energy, and then add to it the idea of a dog who also loves doing it.


The Buhund is super companionable, preferring to be the center of attention and with his family every minute of the day, if possible.

Because he loves to be around people so much, you should not leave the Buhund alone for long periods of time.

If you have a schedule where work or responsibilities keep you away from home for long periods, the Buhund can tolerate being left alone, but it's not his favorite thing in the world.

It's better if you don't have to leave him alone for too long, but if you need to do so, just don't make it a habit.

What’s also great about the Buhund’s friendly demeanor is that he loves to be around other dogs and animals as much as he loves to be around people.

This makes it an even easier decision for you if you already have a home with animals around.

The Buhund never gets nervous nor aggressive. He approaches life with a positive attitude, and his happiness is infectious.

He’s never pushy or clingy, and he’s not fussy or high-strung. He truly has a winning personality.


The Buhund loves his family so much that he would do anything to protect them. This includes courageously jumping in front of his family to protect them from danger.

Buhunds used to hunt such large animals as bears and wolves, so they know what it means to be brave.


While he can play rough with the best of 'em, the Buhund is remarkably light on his feet and agile.


The Buhund is a fun-loving dog who also loves children. And since children also love to have fun, they can keep each other entertained for hours.

The Buhund also has a high intelligence level, which makes him a fantastic watchdog.

In fact, police officers often use Buhunds as part of their K-9 units that accompany them out in the field.

He has an independent streak, which can be his downfall at times. However, it also means that he can be left alone for long periods, like while you’re at work, without your having to stress over misbehaving. But this is a dog that loves company so avoid making this the norm.

A Brief History of the Norwegian Buhund Dog Breed

The Norwegian Buhund is part of the Spitz class of dogs.

The Vikings cherished Buhunds so much that they insisted the dogs be buried with them upon their death. Buhunds would travel everywhere with the Vikings, both on land and at sea.

They believed that the dogs would continue to care the Vikings in the afterlife and that they would carry out their herding and protecting responsibilities in Valhalla.

Norwegian Buhund Training

The Buhund is easier to train than other Northern breeds, though he has a stronger independent streak.

While he has a desire to please you, he finds it more tempting to go off and do his own thing. It can be difficult to hold his focus if he's bored.

The best way to grab his attention is with food – but that's also the fastest way to make him fat. If you must, use a handful of his own food as treats, as this is generally healthier than actual treats.

For help with training, you Norwegian Buhund take a look at  The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan. Doggy Dan is an expert Dog Trainer based in New Zealand. His online resource contains Hundreds of Excellent Dog Training Videos that will take you step-by-step through the process of developing a healthy, happy well-behaved dog.


The Buhund does not require a lot of grooming to look his best. This is actually one of the few dogs out there that doesn't smell terrible when he gets wet.

His coat kind of takes care of itself. It shakes dirt and foreign objects like twigs loose rather easily, and it dries itself after getting wet.

For the Norwegian Buhund, shedding is probably your largest task, and even that's not too bad.

Brush him two or three times a week, with a few extra brushings each week during shedding season. Shedding season occurs at least once a year, sometimes twice for certain dogs.

As far as coat colors go, in addition to Wheaton, there is also the Black Norwegian Buhund.


Buhunds have incredible stamina. They can work and herd animals for hours.

He, therefore, needs considerable exercise – like fast running – at least twice a day to get out all that extra energy.

He is perfectly happy to run alongside you while you bike, or play fetch with you for a lengthy period of time. If you like to hike, then he will gladly join you – the longer the hike, the better.

Norwegian Buhund: Staying Healthy

Thankfully, there's not much to report by way of major health concerns for the Buhund. Most Norwegian Buhund puppies are pretty healthy.

You should still, however, be aware of conditions like Cataracts and Hip Dysplasia, which aren't always major but can still present a challenge.

The Norwegian Buhund's life expectancy is between 13 and 15 years.

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Finding the Perfect Norwegian Buhund

Are you considering adding a Norwegian Buhund puppy to your family? You're probably wondering where to start.

You can find a Norwegian Buhund for sale through a breeder, or up for adoption at your local animal shelter.

Norwegian Buhund Puppies for Sale

The average Norwegian Buhund price is between $2,000 and $2,500.

That sure is steep!!!

But the price of the dog depends on the dog's lineage, the amount the breeder decides to charge, and where the breeder lives.

Norwegian Buhund Rescue and Adoption

If you are interested in a Norwegian Buhund adoption, you may be able to find one through your local animal shelters.

An adoption is a better option if you'd rather not deal with the puppy stage and go straight for the older dog.

And if you're the type of person who loves mixed breeds, you're more likely to find a Norwegian Buhund mix at a shelter.

This is because purebreds are so expensive that, chances are, if a person pays for a purebred dog, he's not likely to give the dog up anytime soon.

Norwegian Buhund Breeders

If you're searching online for a reputable Buhund breeder, check out The Norwegian Buhund Club of America.

There you'll find the “Approved Breeders”. Compared to other popular breeds such as a Golden Retriever or Labrador there aren't many Norwegian Buhund breeders in the US.  But the Buhund Club is likely one of your best available resources.

And, as the site notes, a reputable breeder never sells his or her dogs to a flea market, a pet shop, or through an auction.

Dogs that are up for sale through one of these channels may not have the necessary health clearances that would permit their sale.

They may even have behavioral issues that the breeder did not care enough to detect or correct.

Conclusion: Why the Norwegian Buhund?

The Norwegian Buhund temperament makes him a great family dog because he’s both friendly and protective.

He loves to have fun, and he’s great with kids, so if you have young children, the Buhund is a fantastic choice for a family pet.

He’s also pretty healthy, and his grooming is low maintenance, so he’s not even a chore to take care of.

His only downfall really is his stubbornness when it comes to training, but even that is not a deal-breaker. You just have to make sure you break up his training into smaller sessions, keep them interesting, and reward him with food when he does well.

As for Norwegian Buhund puppies' price, you're looking at between $2,000 and $2,500 if you go through a breeder. You will pay significantly less if you choose to adopt instead.