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7 Tips for Finding The Best Maltipoo Breeders

Maltipoo Temperament - Maltese Toy Poodle Mix PuppyAcquiring a Maltipoo is a significant investment. You will expend time, energy and money; in return, you will have a friend for life who will make you a happier and healthier person.

Most Maltipoo owners don’t even think about the time, energy and money side of that equation; they are convinced that their dog is the absolute best.

For the uninitiated, the Maltipoo is a toy dog whose parents include a Maltese and a Poodle — Toy or Miniature.

They are small, weighing between just 5 and 15 lbs when fully grown.

Their typical life span is about a dozen years.

Maltipoos have a great temperament : they are usually intelligent, active, friendly and very good-natured.

If you are seriously considering the Maltipoo, you will, in all probability, end up interacting with a breeder. Like in all professions, there are breeders and there are breeders.

How do you make sure that the Maltipoo you bring home is perfect for you?

Can you trust just any breeder?

Your best bet is to be informed, ask the right questions and persist until you see the evidence that supports all the right answers.

Below are some of the key points to consider. Also we highly recommend you checkout our article on How To Choose A Dog , where we also touch on the subject of dealing with breeders.

1. Get Local References

Breeders that have a history have little incentive to cut corners. They value their reputation and go to great lengths to maintain that valuable commodity.

When persons in your community are willing to vouch for a breeder, you are likely to be on the right track.

Local veterinarians could well be a good source of such information as well.

2. Visit Breeders

Part of the evaluation of your prospective Maltipoo breeders should involve a visit to their premises.

The professional and caring breeder’s premises will be clean, well lit and comfortable.

Your ideal breeder will be one whose litter are treated as house pets. This tells you that the breeder considers it more than just a job; it also ensures excellent socialization of the puppies.

3. Interview Multiple Maltipoo Breeders

A good Maltipoo Breeder should have facts of the breed at her fingertips.

You have already researched the Maltipoo breed thoroughly; use that knowledge to ask a few questions about the breed.

For example, you could inquire about the typical health issues that Maltipoos are likely to face.

Does she breed second-generation or third-generation Maltipoos? 

What is the typical temperament of a Maltipoo?

4. Evaluate the Litter

As part of the selection process, you know that it is important to look at all the pups.

This is a good opportunity to quiz the breeder about the individuality that each of the puppies have.

A good breeder will be very attuned to the litter; she may have even assigned nicknames for each of the individuals.

5. Evaluate the Parents

You should never forget to take a peek at the parents either. If you have not yet broached the topic of Maltipoo generations, this would be a good time to assess the breeder’s knowledge on the subject.

6. Guarantees

You need to evaluate the replacement policy that the breeder offers.

You will also get indications during this discussion of how attached the breeder is to her pups.

Does she want to remain informed about the pup’s development, including health problems?

A breeder that is truly attached to her pups may even ask that you return the pup if, for whatever reason, you run into circumstances that prevent you from keeping it.

7. References

References may have pointed you to his breeder, or maybe not. Irrespective, the breeder’s willingness to provide references is a good indicator of her professionalism.

She should be able to provide information about her veterinarian as well as contact information for a bunch of happy owners in your near vicinity.

A major plus point would be if she is also willing to discuss returns and objective reasons for them.

An Alternative to Maltipoo Breeders

A Maltipoo is considered one of the most popular poodle mix or hybrid dogs.

They can easily fit into most families and environments; the majority of owners cannot fathom how they “survived” without their adorable companion.

Remember that breeders are not the only place to acquire this gem of a dog. You should also consider a Maltipoo Rescue.

If you are doing so, keep in mind that you should get as much information as possible about the history of the rescue dog. Also, be sure to carry out a temperament test.