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Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix (La-Chon): Sweet But Stubborn

The Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix temperament makes her a happy dog, but also a stubborn one.

A Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix, or more simply, a La-Chon, is an intelligent dog who loves to cuddle.

(Because she’s such a cuddle-bug, you can call her a “Latch-On”…get it?)

Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix Temperament and Personality

Learning all you can about a breed’s temperament before you buy is the smartest thing you can do, both for the dog and yourself.

The more you know about a dog before you buy, the less likely you’ll feel she’s a terrible match. This reduces the chances that you’ll need to return her to the shelter or breeder from whence she came.

Here are some of the most important things you should know about the Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix temperament before going in.

She’s Protective

The La-Chon has quite the protective streak to her. You may think that with her small size, she’ll cower in fear at anything remotely scary, but not her!

In fact, she may even puff up and act bigger than she is while in a fight with another dog.

She Loves the Limelight

You know those dogs who will do anything to get your attention, including performing the latest trick you taught her while you’re talking to a friend? That’s this dog.

The La-Chon loves any attention you’ll give her, lapping it up like it’s a bowl of warm milk.

She lives to please you, and she’s oh-so-happy when she does!

She’s a Social Butterfly

The La-Chon loves spending time with her family and will gladly greet your neighbors on her daily walk through the neighborhood.

She also loves being around children, so if you’re concerned about having a dog around your kids, have no fear with the La-Chon around.

She’s Energetic

While the La-Chon may be a small dog, she will never be content with being someone’s lap dog. This breed is all about playtime!

This is important to know because if you can’t keep up with her energy level, then you two probably won’t be a good fit.

She’s Clingy

The La-Chon truly will latch on to you and your family and won’t let you go.

What this means is that you may find it tough to leave her alone. She doesn’t do well with separation, and she may take out her anxiety on your home and belongings.

The Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix Size and Appearance

A full-grown La-Chon’s height falls between 10 and 18 inches tall.

As for her weight, a healthy range is between 8 and 20 lbs.

Her colors don’t vary much from those of her parents, with coat colors coming in white, brown, cream, or black.

A Brief History of the Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix

While designer dogs like the La-Chon don’t really have a history per se, you can still learn much about your future dog from her parents’ histories.

There are many theories concerning the origins of her Bichon Frise parent. While some believe the breed dates back to B.C., others believe the Bichon Frise descended from the Maltese.

Meanwhile, Buddhist monks are responsible for the creation of her Lhasa Apso parent.

Monks developed the Lhasa Apso breed as a guard dog who could withstand the colder temperatures of the Tibetan mountains.

How Do You Train a Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix?

The Bichon Frise side of the La-Chon may make her a breeze to train.

In fact, Bichon Frises would do so well with training that nobles and royalty would love to watch and train them to do tricks.

However, if she takes after her Lhasa Apso parent more, then she may be a bit on the stubborn side.

The good news is that she’s intelligent. So, it’s not that she can’t do what you tell her, she just may not feel like doing it at the time.

If you find training to be rather difficult, you can always enlist the assistance of a professional.

It’s important to keep at it while she’s young because if you let a bad habit go on for too long, it can become permanently bad behavior.

This is especially true for how the La-Chon handles other dogs.

You must train her to be around other dogs as often as possible while she’s young. This will help her communicate better with other dogs when she’s older and feel less inclined to fight with them.

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How Do You Groom a Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix?

Grooming a La-Chon can be a taxing process. The good news, though, is that she is what you might call “hypoallergenic,” meaning you’re less likely to develop an allergic reaction around her.

While she does not shed often, she does have longer hair. You will need to keep her hair free of mats and tangles by brushing her a few times each week.

You may want to take her to a professional groomer every few months for a trim to keep her coat under control.

You should also check her ears weekly for infections.

If you find any longer hairs in her ears, you should have them plucked, else they can gather dust and debris and cause an infection later on.

Staying Healthy: La-Chon Health Issues to be Aware Of

As with any dog, there are certain health concerns you need to watch out for. For the La-Chon, these conditions include:

  • Kidney problems, especially later in life
  • Eye issues, which you can help prevent by maintaining her coat
  • Ear issues, which you can also help prevent with maintenance
  • Skin issues
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Patellar Luxation

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t terrible. There aren’t too many major health concerns to watch out for with the La-Chon.

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La-Chon Lifespan

The Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix's life expectancy is one of her biggest selling points.

This little dog might as well be a cat, because her average lifespan is between 16 and 17 years!


As mentioned earlier, while the La-Chon may not be your typical small dog in some respects, she certainly fits the bill for their energy level.

This little cutie loves to run around, expending her energy all over the place.

You need to be active yourself to keep up with this little one regularly.

You need to walk her or let her play outside for about 30 minutes every day. If you don’t, she can become sad and withdrawn.

Finding the Perfect Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix

You’ve settled on a Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix puppy as the next addition to your family, and how could you not?

She’s just the sweetest little dog who dares you not to love her!

But now…where do you find one?

You may be able to find a Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix for sale through a rescue or adoption agency.

You’ll probably have better luck with a breeder but be warned. When it comes to designer dogs, the price of a Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix sale can surprise you.

And when you’re paying that kind of money, you want to be sure you’re going home with exactly what you came for.

Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix Puppies for Sale

The average Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix price is around $800.

If she comes from a litter spawned by two show parents, then you’re looking at a price closer to $1,000.

However, most average Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix puppies cost around $600 or so.

It’s good to know the average Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso mix price range because you’ll know if you’re getting bilked by an unscrupulous breeder.

Put another way, if someone’s charging $2,000 for a La-Chon puppy, you know to turn and run the other way.

Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix Adoption and Rescue

It’s difficult, usually impossible, to find a rescue organization dedicated to designer dog breeds.

However, don’t lose faith. You have more of a shot at finding a mixed breed at your local shelter than you do a purebred dog.

One, because people aren’t so quick to abandon a dog they paid thousands of dollars for.

And two, because some people don’t research a breed before they buy. There may be some trait inherited by one of the dog’s parents that is simply unacceptable to her former owner.

If you’re interested in a La-Chon, and you don’t see one available at your local shelter, ask if they can put you on a list. That way, when one comes in, you’ll be the first to know.

Bichon Frise Lhasa Apso Mix Breeders

As mentioned before, you can never be too careful when it comes to picking out a breeder.

And you must be especially vigilant if you’re in the market for a designer dog.

A bad breeder will try and sell you on a dog quickly. They’ll tell you that demand is high, and that you may miss your shot because the entire litter could be gone next week, so buy now!

A good breeder will care about where her pups are going. She’ll vet you as well as you vet her because she wants to make sure her pups are going to a good home.

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