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16 Hygenhund Temperament Traits: Easy to Train, Hard to Tame

The Hygenhund temperament is loyal and obedient toward family members but can be aggressive toward strangers.

In the right hands, the Hygenhund (or Hygen Hound) can be a wonderful family pet. But he also can be possessive with potential aggression tendencies.

Early socialization and strict training are critical for this breed. He is not a good choice for an inexperienced dog owner.

If you’re not willing or able to commit a lot of time and effort to bring out the best in the Hygenhund, this breed isn’t right for you.

If you do have what it takes, the Hygenhund will reward your efforts with loving devotion.

Hygenhund Temperament and Personality

1. Intelligent

This is a very smart breed. He is highly trainable and learns quickly.

2. Eager to Please

The Hygenhund temperament is obedient and eager to please his family members.

3. Loving

This dog is affectionate and loving to his human family and others he knows well.

4. Loyal

He is devoted to his humans and forms very strong bonds with them. The interactive nature of training creates even stronger bonds.

5. Lively

The Hygenhund temperament is cheerful and lively. He has a happy, engaging personality.

6. Gentle

This breed has a sweet, gentle disposition and is good with kids. He is playful and will love wearing them out for you for naps or bedtime.

The Hygenhund is usually protective of “his own” kids. However, even with early and consistent socialization, he may not be safe to be unsupervised around children he doesn’t know well.

7. Energetic

The Hygenhund is a prized hunter. He is a distance runner with great endurance. Not surprisingly, he has a very high exercise need.

8. Social

The Hygenhund is very sociable. He needs a lot of attention from his family. If left alone for too long, he will treat you to some unwanted Hygenhund behaviors.

He can be destructive, can chew, and he barks a lot when he is bored or lonely.

9. Protective

The Hygenhund is a good watchdog or guard dog. This can a good thing if you’re looking for one. If you’re not, he will need to be trained early.

This breed is very territorial. He can be overprotective of his family and property, and this may be hard to change.

10. Hard-working

The Hygenhund has an intense work ethic. In fact, if he had his way, he would always be working. Keeping him busy is one of the keys to success with a Hygenhund.

11. Athletic

This is a lean, muscular dog who has been bred for the harsh terrain of Norway. You may need strong fences to keep him contained.

12. Hardy

The Hygenhund is a tough dog. Not only can he hunt on rough terrain, but he can also tolerate the cold Norwegian climate.

13. Stranger-aggressive

The Hygenhund temperament is suspicious when it comes to strangers. He does not like to be approached or touched by people he doesn’t know. And he can be aggressive about it.

Early socialization and firm training are not optional with this breed.

14. Dominant

Hygenhunds can be aggressive toward other dogs as well as strangers. They have been known to bite. This dog needs a very firm leader to teach him that the human is in charge.

Again, he needs a home with an experienced dog trainer.

15. High Prey Drive

The Hygenhund temperament is not trustworthy around cats or other small animals. After all, he is a hunter of all sorts of prey.

16. Possessive

This dog can be very possessive of his food, toys, and family. Again, socialization is critically important to address this behavior from the very beginning.

Hygenhund History

In the late 1930s, Norwegian Hans Fredrik Hygen set out to