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How To Measure Dog Height

Caring for a dog is rewarding, but it is not easy.

From the time it is a pup until it grows into an adult, you need to keep a constant lookout for how well it is growing, eating, drinking, playing, and so on.

A dog’s health and growth are every pet parent’s priority and concern. One of the easiest ways to track this is by regularly measuring its height—much like children! Knowing its height is also crucial for other reasons, which we will delve into below.

Measuring a dog’s height is not the same as measuring the height of a human being. We will also discuss how to measure dog height correctly so that you can know how well your furry friend is growing. We will also tell you about the kind of equipment you need to do so.

Let’s dive in.

Why Would You Need To Measure Your Dog’s Height?

Photo of Great Dane Height

Measuring your dog’s height is essential for many reasons. No two dogs are of the same size. Even within breeds, dogs have different measurements.

Knowing your dog’s height will help you buy an appropriately-sized dog gate, kennel, crate, winter wear, collar, harness, pet carrier, and other pet accessories and supplies.

It may be tempting to make an approximate guess before you go down to the pet store and buy what you need for your dog. You could also buy a medium-sized coat for a medium-sized dog or a small-sized dog door for a small-sized pooch. But these methods are a recipe for time-consuming returns or even wasted money.

Measuring your dog’s height is also important if you want to enter it in competitive dog shows.

Now that you know why you need to measure your dog’s height, let us discuss the kind of equipment you need for it.

Equipment You Will Need

To measure a dog’s height, you will need a few tools and equipment that you may already have around at home or can easily source from a local hardware store.

Here is a list of the tools that you need for the job:

Measuring Tape

Photo of Measuring Tape

Make sure that the tape measure has the appropriate units, such as feet, inches, meters, or millimeters. It is best to get a measuring tape with multiple units for flexibility.

Carpenter’s Level

You also need a carpenter’s level to mark your dog’s height on the wall next to which it stands. You can easily buy one from a local hardware store.

Place it across your dog’s withers—the highest point of your dog’s shoulder blades located at the base of the neck and between the blades—to get the exact measurement.

Do not place it on your pet’s neck, or you’ll get the wrong reading.


A yardstick is not necessary for measuring your dog’s height. But if you cannot find a carpenter’s level, you can easily use it as a substitute. You can also use a measurement scale or ruler as an alternative.

Door Frame or Wall

You will need to make your dog stand next to a wall to mark its height. The wall needs to be flat and smooth without any furniture attachments. You could also use a door frame for this purpose.


You will also require a pencil to mark the measurements. A piece of tape will also work well.


Dog treats are not exactly a tool to measure your dog’s height. But if your canine companion is too hyper or cannot stand still even for a few moments, keep some treats handy.

They will help keep your dog from moving until you finish measuring its height.

Process of Measuring A Dog

Photo of Dog Measuring Process

Knowing how to measure dog height is easy, as long as you know the steps you need to follow.

Here are the five steps to measure your pet’s height:

Step 1: Prepare Your Tools

Collect all the tools you need to measure your dog’s height. This will help you get the job done in one go instead of repeatedly pausing, which can make your dog hyper and impatient.

Step 2: Position Your Dog

Make your dog stand up straight next to the wall, with its legs evenly spaced. It should not bend its legs or neck, and its head must be upright. If it bends its neck while measuring it, you will get an inaccurate reading.

If your dog has difficulty standing up or is too small to stand on its own, you can support it. You could simply tie a leash and get a person to support your dog or pup to maintain the posture. If your dog is jumpy, you can use treats to keep it standing straight.

Step 3: Locate the Withers

Photo of Measuring Doberamn

Once your dog is standing straight, locate its withers—between the shoulder blades at the base of its neck. You need to measure its height from its base to the position of its withers.

Step 4: Use the Level

Now place the carpenter’s level across your dog’s withers and allow one end of the level to touch the wall. Check the bubble to make sure that it is straight and not bent.

Using a pencil, mark the area of the wall where the level touches it. You could also use tape to mark the point.

Step 5: Measure

Lastly, use a tape measure, a measurement scale, or a yardstick to measure the distance between the point marked on the wall and the ground.

Ensure that the tape is straight so you will get an accurate measurement. Write down your observations, and that’s it—you have successfully measured your dog’s height.


Now you know how to measure dog height. Use this handy guide to regularly measure your pet and keep tabs on its growth.

When you know your dog’s exact measurements, you can buy the right-sized apparel and accessories.

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