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How Much to Feed a Doberman Puppy?

After weaning, your Doberman puppy should eat 0.5–2 cups daily, distributed over four servings. When he’s 12 weeks old, you can increase the amount to 2–3 cups but distribute them over three servings only. However, the amounts may vary according to the dog’s weight and health status.

Dobermans are generally not demanding but need more fat and protein than other species. Learning about their feeding needs will ensure you provide them with enough nutrition.

Doberman Puppy

The Complete Feeding Guide to Doberman Puppies

Here’s how much to feed Doberman puppies at different stages of their growth.

4 Weeks – 8 Weeks

At the mark of 4 weeks, you should start weaning the puppy. So, he relies less on his mother’s milk and more on solid food.

Start with puppy formula served with soft kibbles. Repeat the serving four times daily, but keep the total amount around half a cup.

8 Weeks – 12 Weeks

By eight weeks, the Doberman puppy should complete his weaning, depending solely on solid foods. If you have a male pup, increase his daily amount to two cups per day, more or less depending on his weight.

If you have a female, 1–2 cups will suffice.

In all cases, divide the cups into four servings per day, so the pup’s digestive system can absorb the nutrients.

12 Weeks

When the puppy hits 12 weeks, he’ll no longer need the frequent servings. His body will have developed enough to absorb food regularly.

Give him 2–3 cups daily, divided into three servings only, or two if the dog accepts it. If it’s a girl, she’ll likely only need 2.5 cups max.

3–5 Months

Until your Doberman puppy is five months old, he should have 3–6 cups of dog food daily. Females may stop at five cups or less, depending on their size.

You no longer have to divide the food into small quantities; two servings will be good. Additionally, by this time, protein should make up around 30% of the dog’s diet to build his muscles.

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How Many Calories Do Doberman Puppies Need Daily?

It’s hard to put your hands on the number of calories Doberman pups need daily. It depends on a lot of variables, like weight, metabolism, and gender.

Generally, the number of daily calories will range from 400 to 1300 for the first three months of the pup’s life. Females likely need fewer calories, and larger pups will need more calories.

When your pup crosses the 3-month mark, his daily intake will increase to 1250–2500 per day.

How to Start Weaning Doberman Puppies

Weaning puppies doesn’t happen in one or two days. It’s a long process that may take weeks, and it should start around the third or fourth week of age.

To start weaning, take your Doberman pups away from their mother for a few hours at first.

During those hours, present new foods—kibbles soaked in puppy formula—in a small bowl. Leave the bowl for only ten minutes, and then remove it to let the pup know food isn’t available 24/7.

Each couple of days, separate the pups from their mother for longer and give them more food. It’d also be good to take them outside during this time to let them develop good social behavior. Leaving them inside for too long can develop aggressive tendencies.

Two Doberman dogs playing in grass

Should Doberman Puppies Eat Dry or Wet Food?

Dogs seem to enjoy wet food more than dry kibbles; it mostly has to do with the taste. Despite that, dry food is more convenient for both you and the dog.

It’s more affordable than wet food, and it provides Doberman puppies with the nutrients they need. The kibbles also help train the dog’s teeth for chewing.

Opt for dry food unless the vet recommends wet food for any reason. To soften it, you can mix it with puppy formula, some warm water, or even broth. It’ll help the pup get used to its texture.

Should Doberman Puppies Eat Raw or Cooked Food?

Doberman puppies can eat both raw and cooked food, but each has its own advantages. For example, raw food preserves 100% of its nutrients, unlike cooked food. So, it’s better for the pup’s health.

Raw food also doesn’t cause weight gain, and it doesn’t need preparations, so it’s more convenient for you.

On the other hand, cooked food is free of bacteria because it undergoes heat. So, it has fewer chances of causing a digestive issue. It’s also easier to chew and swallow for maturing puppies.

You can alternate between both raw and cooked food. With raw food, make sure it’s not a choking hazard. With cooked food, make sure you don’t use any toxic spices or those that may cause digestive issues.

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Foods Doberman Puppies Should Avoid

If you’re feeding your Doberman pup human food, it’d be wise to get familiar with the harmful foods.

For one, any veggies from the Allium family are a no-no for puppies. That includes onions, chives, garlic, and leeks. The family is highly toxic because the veggies contain N-propyl disulfide. The compound causes a breakdown of the red blood cells in the body.

Likewise, Doberman puppies shouldn’t eat chocolate, raisins, sultanas, or grapes. Grapes contain tartaric acid, which causes severe nausea in dogs.

Another food you should avoid giving your pup is the different types of nuts. Because of their small size, they can serve as a choking hazard.

What Human Foods Can Doberman Puppies Eat?

Man lying in grass feeing his Doberman puppy

Doberman puppies can eat plenty of human foods—that’s if you don’t want to depend on dog food for the first few months.

Here are some fruits you can treat your puppy with every once in a while:

  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Coconuts
  • Blueberries
  • Apples

Needless to say, you’ll need to chop them small so the dog doesn’t choke.

Here are vegetables safe for your Doberman pup:

  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Brussels sprouts

If you don’t want to give fruits and veggies yet, you can always give the pup some seeds:

  • Quinoa
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Flaxseed