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Hamiltonstovare Temperament: Is the Regal Hamilton Hound a Good Match for You?

The well-rounded Hamiltonstovare temperament makes this breed an excellent multi-purpose dog.

Hamiltonstovares, also known as Hamilton Hounds or Swedish Hounds, make fabulous hunting dogs, show competitors and family pets.

Hamiltons, as they are affectionately known, are scent hounds. They love to follow their noses!

These dogs were developed in Sweden by the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, Count Adolf Patrick Hamilton, and that is where they get their name.

Today these dogs are rare but people who know about their great qualities love them!

If you are thinking about adding a Hamiltonstovare to your household, this article will provide you with an introduction to the most common Hamiltonstovare behaviors and traits.

Understanding the Hamiltonstovare Temperament and Personality: 5 Common Traits

In this section, you will learn about the most common components of the Hamiltonstovare personality.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there will always be some individual variation within any breed of dog.

Therefore, your Hamiltonstovare may differ in some ways from this description.

1. They Love to Follow Their Noses

The scent-oriented Hamiltonstovare temperament makes this dog a scent hound through and through!

Hamiltons have very powerful noses.

If they catch a whiff of something interesting they will take off after that scent.

Even a well trained Hamiltonstovare might not heed your commands when he is on the trail of a particularly good smell.

This can be extremely dangerous if your Hamiltonstovare wanders across a busy road or travels so far from home that he gets disoriented and lost.

For this reason, it is important to keep your Hamiltonstovare on a leash at all times unless you are in a securely fenced in area.

Make sure that your dog is microchipped and wearing an identification tag at all times—just in case.

2. Hamilton Hounds Make Excellent Hunting Companions

The hard-working Hamiltonstovare temperament makes this breed an outstanding hunting dog.

Hamiltons can be used for hunting rabbits, foxes, and other small game animals. One thing that makes them different from other hounds is that Hamiltons hunt by sight and scent.

However, Hamilton Hounds do not hunt deer. They have been selectively bred to ignore the scent of deer.

If you do not hunt, you can still participate in similar activities with your Hamiltonstovare.

Hamiltons also make excellent competitors in canine sports such as tracking and nosework.

They also excel at Search and Rescue work.

Hamiltons are very happy when they have a job to do!

3. They Need Daily Exercise

The active Hamiltonstovare temperament means that these dogs need daily physical exercise.

Hamiltonstovare exercise can take many forms. For example, if you enjoy walking, your Hamiltonstovare will happily accompany you on multiple vigorous walks per day.

If you are looking for a jogging companion, your Hamiltonstovare will make a great jogging buddy.

Hamiltons also enjoy hiking, biking, and romping with other dogs at the dog park.

In fact, your Hamiltonstovare will be happy doing just about any outdoor activity with you.

If your Hamiltonstovare does not get enough daily exercise, he could develop nuisance behaviors such as digging or chewing.

If your dog develops these bad habits, you most likely need to increase his exercise.

You should consider a dog walker or a doggie daycare if you work long hours. This will help you provide enough daily exercise for your Hamilton during the work week.

4. They Like to “Sing