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Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore Temperament: (Great Dogs, Hunters Only!)

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament is docile and social. However, his independent personality and preference for living outdoors make him a dog best suited to hunting families.

If you choose one as your pet, the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore would need very firm, no-nonsense obedience training. This breed is not suitable for inexperienced dog owners.

Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore Temperament

1. Intelligent

Like most hunting breeds, the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore is a very smart dog. He learns quickly and easily.

2. Independent

Stubbornness is one of the defining features of the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament. He is very obedient to his master when hunting.

However, with general obedience training, this dog will try your patience. He has a mind of his own and will obey only if and when he wants to.

3. Docile

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament is gentle and easygoing. Some say he does fine with children. But because he is almost exclusively a hunting dog, he’s not likely to be around a lot of small children.

4. Social

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore enjoys people. He will bark to alert when a stranger is near, but he is not aggressive and would not make a good watchdog or guard dog.

5. Energetic

This is a very high-energy breed who needs much more exercise than most breeds. It’s one of the reasons why a hunting life is the best fit for fit breed

6. Courageous

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore is brave in the hunt. He stands up to large game, including wild boar.

7. Hardy

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament is pretty tough. He works in difficult terrain and in adverse weather conditions. Very little, if anything, will slow him down.

8. Hard-working

He has a strong work ethic and dedication to his job.

9. Driven

Hunters value this dog for his passion for hunting. The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament is more than enthusiastic—this breed lives for the hunt.

10. Pack Mentality

His pack mentality drives the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament. This breed often hunts in large packs of 20 to 100 dogs, so it should not surprise you that he gets along well with other dogs.

He also respects an alpha leader, so training should take that into account.

It is questionable whether the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament can adapt well to indoor living. As pack animals, it is not an uncommon practice for them to live in outdoor kennels.

11. High Prey Drive

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament is not suited to life in a household with pets other than dogs. He is not trustworthy with small animals.

Grand Anglo-Francais History

This breed is one of seven scenthounds created in France in the nineteenth century. They were developed by crossing various French hounds.

These dogs are called “bastards” in France because their origins vary and they were never classified as distinct breeds. In 1957, the seven breeds were separated by origin and color. Some were crossed with French breeds and were called Chien-Francais.

Three of these French scenthounds were crossed with the English Foxhound. They were all called Anglo-Francais. They are similar breeds, distinguished mostly by color.

Along with the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore, they are the Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Noir and the Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Orange.

Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore

The Tricolore was created by crossing the English Foxhound with the Poitevin.

The Poitevin’s ancestors were two other French scenthounds, the Montemboeuf and the Chien Ceris. (Both breeds are now extinct.) The Greyhound and Irish scenthounds were also used in the creation of the Tricolore.

Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Noir

The Blanc et Noir’s primary French ancestor was the now-extinct Anglo-Saintongeois (or Saintongeois Hound). Its ancestors were the Normand Hound (also extinct) and the St. Hubert Hound (Bloodhound).

Grand Anglo-Francais Blanc et Orange

The White and Orange’s French blood comes from the Billy, another French scenthound. The Billy’s ancestors are also now extinct, but historians believe them to have been the Montemboeuf, the Ceris, the Layre, and early versions of the Poitevin.

What’s in a Name?

The ‘Grand’ in these dogs’ names does not relate to size. It is used to describe the large packs they hunt in and the size of the game they track.

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore is a rare breed outside of its native land. A few have been exported to both North and South America, but there are still very few in those locations.

Even today, the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore is rarely kept as a family pet. Hunters own nearly all of them.

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore was recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1983 and by the United Kennel Club (UKC) in 2006. The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not yet recognize the Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore. 

Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore Training

This dog is very intelligent. He is quick to learn and easy to train, but he’s famously stubborn.

He is happy to follow commands when he’s hunting. Otherwise, he is likely to make up his own mind about obedience.

The key to success with training this dog is to be very firm and consistent. He also needs a lot of interaction with his master. The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore temperament is demanding of time and attention.

If he is bored or restless, he is likely to become hyperactive. You will also see some destructive Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore behaviors.

This is also not a dog you will want to exercise off-leash. His high prey drive will lead him to chase any interesting scent he catches.

Helpful Dog Training Resource:

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Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore Appearance

General Appearance

The Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore was created to be a hunter. There are no show or pet lines of this dog. He has never been bred for conformation, so he still has his original hunting-dog features.

He is a medium to large-sized dog with a solid, muscular build. His head is elongated with a flat, broad skull. He has a straight back, broad chest, and long legs.

His ears are set at eye level, broad, and of medium length. He has large brown eyes. His muzzle is about the length of his skull. He has a long, strong neck and a scissor bite.

The tail is “of good length, carried elegantly,” according to the UKC breed standard.

Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore Colors

This breed has a double coat. The outer layer is short and harsh, and the inner coat is soft and finer.

Grand Anglo-Francais Tricolore colors are white with a black blanket and black or t