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German Shepherd Catahoula Mix

A German Shepherd Catahoula Mix is a crossbreed between a purebred Catahoula Leopard and a German Shepherd. Both parent dog breeds may differ in appearance, but they have a lot in common in temperament!

Clever, energetic, and determined to get the job done, Catahoula German Shepherds are brilliant companions for an outgoing family. They’ll even do well on a farm, herding animals.

This reliable breed for a companion can be highly rewarding. In this guide, we’ll help you decide whether a German Shepherd Catahoula Mix is the right breed for you.

German Shepherd Catahoula Mix

An Overview of a Catahoula German Shepherd

The first thing to consider if you’re planning to have a Catahoula German Shepherd is their behavior and appearance. In general, it’s an even-tempered breed with a stunning appearance that’s sure to turn heads.

However, crossbreeding doesn’t guarantee you a puppy with all the best traits combined. It depends on whose parent gene is more dominant for the puppy to inherit.

Regardless, we’ve pinned down an overview of what you can expect in this mix.


  • Hard-working dogs with incredible focus to complete a task
  • Inquisitive, highly intelligent, and reliable
  • Tends to be stubborn at times
  • Devoted and protective watchdogs
  • Has a high level of energy and endurance


  • Common coat colors are brown, black, white, red, and blue merle
  • They could have patches of mottled gray and light brown with a brindle of white
  • Their eyes can be icy blue, brown, or heterochromatic—eyes that differ in color from one another


  • Life expectancy is about  7–15 years
  • It can reach 22–26 inches in height
  • Its weight is about 50–95 pounds
  • They are prone to hip dysplasia, bloating, degenerative myelopathy, obesity, canine periodontal disease, deafness, and cancer


With the Catahoula trait of being energetic, this mix needs daily exercise of 40–60 minutes, with training included.

They also require lots of mental stimulation because of their highly intelligent characteristics. You can consider the following activities:

  • Sniffing, playing fetch, tug of war, and frisbee
  • Letting them explore on walks
  • Teaching them new tricks and various commands
  • Giving them interactive dog toys
Photo of German Shepherd Catahoula


Your Catahoula German Shepherd may inherit a Catahoula coat, meaning, your dog will have a single coat, requiring less grooming. Brushing it once a week with a few baths a year should keep their coat healthy and shiny.

If your dog inherited a German Shepherd’s coat, then expect a lot of shedding because of its double coat. You’ll need to brush it thrice a week with occasional bathing to maintain a healthy coat and help reduce shedding.

When the shedding season comes around, ready a vacuum cleaner to help you remove the furs sticking to your furniture.

Reasons to Adopt a Catahoula German Shepherd

Understanding what a Catahoula German Shepherd can do is the next step in deciding whether you want to own one. Below are a few facts about this breed that you should know about.

They Love Having a Purpose

With their clever minds and high energy, the Catahoula German Shepherds love having a purpose to accomplish. It can fulfill a role you’ve tasked him with laser-sharp focus.

That said, Catahoula German Shepherds aren’t only noble companions, but working dogs you can rely on.

A Guardian Dog for the Family

You may know that German Shepherds are popular dogs in the military because of their passion to protect. The same trait goes with Catahoula German Shepherds.

They’ll be more than willing to serve as guardian dogs, ensuring to protect and love your family unconditionally. They can even coexist with smaller pets at your home!

Who Doesn’t Love a Clever Dog?

Both parent dog breeds are bright and fast learners, so it’ll make sense for a Catahoula German Shepherd to inherit this trait. This dog is quick to pick up commands and tricks once you’ve gained its obedience.

It can have a mind of its own that may even surprise you. Perhaps they’ll learn a thing or two by simply observing you.

Things to Consider Before Owning a German Shepherd Catahoula Mix

If you’re still reluctant about bringing one home, here are a few questions you can consider to help you decide.

1.   Do You Have Children at Home?

If you have children at home, you’ll need to train your dog to proper socialization at an early age. They can be wary of strangers and develop aggression if left untrained.

However, once they recognize and accept your family as part of their pack, expect its protective instinct to kick in. You’ll have a devoted guardian dog exclusive to your family.

2.   Do You Have a Spacious Home for an Energetic Dog?

Photo of Close Up Catahoula

German Shepherd Catahoulas are inquisitive creatures that need constant exercise. Having a large area where they can explore to exert their energy is a good way to keep them healthy.

They’re not meant to lie still for long inside a room. In doing so, they may develop irritation, which can lead to destructive behaviors.

You can, however, take them out on walks around a park regularly. It’ll even help them socialize with other pets!

A Catahoula German Shepherd would fit perfectly for an owner with an active lifestyle. If you like to stay indoors or don’t have the time to exercise your pet, this breed may not be for you.

3.   Do You Have The Time to Train a Stubborn Dog?

Did you know that the smarter the dog is, the more challenging it is to train them? This is because of their independent nature.

Your Catahoula German Shepherd will be no different in being willful and stubborn. With their high intelligence, they’ll want to exert their thinking capabilities on their own.

So, you’ll need to commit a certain time to teach discipline to this breed. Giving it lots of mental and physical stimulation will make it happy and less destructive.

Training your dog with patience, love, and consistency will prove rewarding when you gain its obedience and companionship.

4.   Are You a First-Time Dog Owner?

With all that in mind, you may face some difficulty if you’re not an experienced dog owner. A Catahoula German Shepherd will need a pack leader capable of teaching discipline and obedience.

This breed will require lots of training and socialization to better interact with your family and friends. If you’re not up for the task, then a German Shepherd Catahoula mix may not be for you.