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Is the Frenchie Bichon Your FAV Bichon Frise Mix?

The Frenchie Bichon is a popular Bichon Frise French Bulldog mix or designed dog. And as expected with such lovable parents the Frenchie Bichon temperament is a happy one, however, she has a stubborn streak a mile wide.

For this reason, training is very important with this breed.

Frenchie Bulldog In A Snow

Don’t let that put you off though, because really, this is her only negative trait. Owners of this French Bulldog Bichon Frise mix consider her to be one heckuva dog.

Let's find out if you agree and decide to make this your favorite Bichon Frise Mix.

First, let's learn about the Frenchie Bichon temperament.

Frenchie Bichon Temperament and Personality

This designer dog's temperament has many upsides.

She Loves People

The Frenchie Bichon a people-loving sweetheart.

She’s a naturally cheerful dog who loves to play.

She's having her best day when she's curled up in your lap, snuggling up to you and giving you affection.

But she’s okay with not sitting in your lap too. She’s perfectly content to sit next to you and keep you company while she gnaws on a bone.

She’s Not Needy

If you’ve ever had a clingy dog, or you’ve ever dealt with canine separation anxiety, then prepare to be wowed.

While the Frenchie Bichon loves to be around her people, she is not actually a needy dog.

This means you can leave her alone for hours at a time if need be. This is a rare thing for a dog who loves her owner so much.

She’ll be perfectly content to just chew her toy and wait for you to come back.

SO many dogs out there are overly needy, which creates headaches in and of itself, so this is definitely a welcomed breath of fresh air for a breed.

She Can Be Territorial, But Never Aggressive

The Frenchie Bichon will stand up for herself and guard her people and her toys, but you never have to worry about her acting outright aggressive.

She won’t fight with other dogs or snap at your kids for getting too close to her food bowl.

But if she sees someone encroaching on her territory, she’ll let them know hey, back off – that’s mine!

She is Stubborn

Because the Frenchie Bichon is so smart, this can translate to her acting stubborn at times.

For this reason, early and consistent training is imperative.

She Adjusts Well to Any Living Space

Because the Frenchie Bichon is so flexible and small in stature, she is the ideal dog for apartment living.

Add to this her easygoing spirit when it comes to grooming and exercise, and you’ve got yourself a well-mannered dog who goes where you go without issue.

The Frenchie Bichon Appearance

The Frenchie Bichon is a small dog, but she's no teacup.

Weight and Height

The height of an adult Frenchie Bichon is between 10 to 16 inches tall.

A healthy adult weight for the Frenchie Bichon is between 13 and 18 lbs.

She's not tiny, per se, but she's definitely what you would consider a “small dog.”


As for coat colors, the Frenchie Bichon is a rainbow of a dog.

Her coat can come in such colors as apricot, buff, cream, fawn, or white.

Some have brindle or “tiger-striped” patterns with flecks of other colors throughout.

History of the Frenchie Bichon Breed

To know the Frenchie Bichon is to learn more about her parents.

While you may think the French Bulldog originated in France, this breed actually has roots in England too.

Photo of French Bulldog In A Grass
French Bulldog

English breeders created the French Bulldog when they bred the English Bulldog as a “toy” version of the French Bulldog.

As for the Bichon Frise, nobles loved the breed when it originated in Europe.

Back then, they performed as street and circus performers, and today they still love to perform in show competitions.

Both breeds have a history of acting as companion dogs to those masters of theirs who brought them to the U.S. from their respective countries.

How Do You Train a Frenchie Bichon?

With the Frenchie Bichon, it is crucial that you train her early, consistently, and persistently.

Because she is so smart, she has a penchant for acting stubborn.

You must remain patient with her and reward her for a job well done.

If you can't keep her under control, then you may want to look into training lessons or obedience classes.

When she does listen, though, you can teach her tricks that she'll enjoy performing again and again for friends and family.

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How Do You Groom a Frenchie Bichon?

As for the Frenchie Bichon's grooming needs, they aren't too hairy (no pun intended).

She doesn't shed much, so you don't have to go overboard brushing her.

You may need to take her to the groomer for the occasional clip or trim, though.

Because she, like other small dogs, is prone to dental problems, you must brush her teeth every day to prevent gum disease.

And don't bathe her more than once a month, else you could dry out her coat and cause skin issues.

Staying Healthy

Every breed has its health problems, and the Frenchie Bichon is no exception.

Here are some conditions you'll need to watch out for with this breed:

If the dog you buy doesn't have any of these issues when you bring him home, it's still a good eye to know what to look for.

And, of course, at the first sign of a problem, don't wait to take him to the vet. You don't need something minor developing into something major as the result of neglect.

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What is the Frenchie Bichon Lifespan?

A healthy Frenchie Bichon's life expectancy is between 9 and 15 years.

This is a wider range than experts usually predict for dogs of this size.

While 9 years with a dog sure isn't a lot of time, you could end up getting a dog who lives 15 years.

Is the Frenchie Bichon Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, the Frenchie Bichon is not hypoallergenic per se.

However, because of his Bichon parent, he tends to shed less than other breeds, so you may be able to manage even if you have doggie allergies.


The Frenchie Bichon exercises the way an average human exercises. She fits it in as part of her day, but she's not a maniac about it.

A half-hour each day is enough to satisfy the Frenchie Bichon's needs.

And the exercise itself doesn't have to be that crazy either – a walk around the neighborhood or some time at the dog park will please her.

She loves to play with other dogs as well as her family, so bring a ball or Frisbee with you to throw around.

Finding the Perfect Frenchie Bichon

Finding the right breeder can be a tough project to take on, especially when you're looking for a mixed breed like the Frenchie Bichon.

It's like buying a car. How do you know if the breeder is overcharging you, or worse – selling you a “lemon”?

When looking for a breeder, you can usually tell, by word-of-mouth and customer referrals, the good from the bad.

Frenchie Bichon Puppies for Sale

The Frenchie Bichon price can be affordable or pricey, depending on the breeder you choose.

The price of a Frenchie Bichon can range from $600 to $2,000.

Of course, the Frenchie Bichon cost rises significantly for dogs of show quality, or from show-dog parents.

Frenchie Bichon Adoption and Rescue

Mixed breeds are a tricky thing when it comes to adoptions and rescues.

While people are more likely to give up a mixed breed versus a purebred they paid thousands for, it may be tough to find the exact mix you're looking for.

Not only that, but neither you nor your local shelter can be sure the mixed breed is a First-Generation mix.

It's when you get into the Second and Third Generation mixes that problems from inbreeding are more likely to occur.

For this reason, if you're interested in adopting a Frenchie Bichon from a shelter or rescue organization, you must be open to the possibility of potential problems.

If you don't mind the risks involved with adopting a dog whom it may be impossible to ever know more about, then go crazy.

It sure beats living life in a shelter, that's for sure.

Frenchie Bichon Breeders

Sometimes, going with a mixed breed breeder can be even trickier than selecting one who specializes in purebreds.

They may try to capitalize on the fact that the dog is a “designer breed” and overcharge you.

They may also breed Frenchie Bichons for the sake of making more and not caring what inbreeding can do to the breed.

This is why you need to ask as many questions as you can and get as much documentation as possible.

Never buy a mixed breed (or a purebred, for that matter) online or from a pet shop.

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