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The Finnish Lapphund Price & Lifetime Cost

How could you not love the beautiful beast that is the Finnish Laphund (a.k.a. “Lappie”)?

If you just need to have one of these dogs in your life, then you’re probably curious about the Finnish Laphund average price.

Black And White Finnish Lapphund Standing On Tall Grasses

You may think a dog this beauteous is pretty expensive, but you’d feel surprised to learn he is actually rather affordable!

The Finnish Laphund puppy price typically falls between $600 and $900.

However, before you run right out and buy one of these dogs, it would do you good to learn more about his temperament, among other things.

Knowing more about a breed is always a good idea, as this will help you decide whether you should opt for one of these dogs or ultimately choose another breed.

The Finnish Lapphund, Up Close

The Finnish Laphund’s history tells us that he worked as a reindeer herder for the Sami people in colder climates like those of Russia and Finland.

With herding dogs, you must be aware that they often like to “herd” people, too.

Usually this personality trait disappears by the time the dog reaches adulthood, but it can still feel unnerving or alarming, especially for young children.

Finnish Lapphund Temperament and Personality

The best thing you can do before you buy is to learn a little bit more about the dog you want to bring home.

For instance, here are some of the more prominent personality traits that tend to remain the same for the Finnish Laphund, no matter which dog you choose.

He’s Alert

Don’t get “alert” confused with “acting like a guard dog.”

While the Lappie is an alert dog by nature, he’s too friendly to act as a guard dog.

That said, the Lappie has an incredible sense of hearing, so if something perks him up, it may be worth paying attention to.

He’s Curious

The Lappie loves to look for adventure. His herding instincts make him fearless.

Therefore, it’s important you have your yard fenced in, and that you keep him on a leash while at the dog park or on a walk.

If he sees something he wants to explore, he’s going to do it. You need to make sure he can’t get into trouble or otherwise hurt himself.

He’s Friendly

The Lappie is a very friendly dog. He loves kids, other dogs, and other animals.

This makes him the perfect family dog and overall companion.

Photo of Finnish Lapphund With A Bear

Although, you need to socialize him often while he’s young, else he can grow up to act aloof around those he doesn’t know.

The more people and animals he meets as a puppy, the better off you’ll both be.

He’s Calm

The Lappie prefers to observe what’s going on around him before he acts.

However, he pays enough attention to know when he needs to rise to the occasion.

This is the very definition of a herding dog. He watches the “sheep” and is right there to correct things if something goes wrong.

His version of correction involves barking, so you need to train him early on when is the right time and place to bark.

Else, you’ll have a barker on your hands who barks at every little thing – something you (and your neighbors) are sure to hate.

Finnish Lapphund Size

An adult Finnish Laphund grows to a maximum height of between 16 and 20 inches tall, and between 33 to 53 lbs.

Despite how pictures of this breed may make him look more like a fluffy wolf, he is actually, in fact, more of a mid-size dog.

If you’d prefer a larger dog, then you may want to opt for a different breed.

Finnish Lapphund Price – How Much Do Finnish Lapphunds Cost?

All things considered, the Finnish Laphund price range is an affordable one, at between $600 and $900 for a puppy from a breeder.

With most breeds, you can possibly save a few dollars if you opt for adopting or rescuing a dog.

finnish lapphund price

However, the purebred Finnish Laphund puppy price isn’t much less than the price of a rescue.

Adopting a dog from a shelter will always cost the least, but it also poses the most risk.

Most of the time shelters don’t know anything about the dogs they bring in.

However, with this breed that’s less of a concern, since they don’t have any aggressive tendencies.


The Finnish Laphund is one of the most popular dog breeds in Finland – not so much here in the U.S., though.

Out of the AKC’s 193 recognized breeds, the Finnish Laphund sits at #161.

This is rather surprising, since the Finnish Laphund is a fantastic breed for most families.

This means that you may have some difficulty finding one of these dogs unless you go through a dedicated breeder or rescue organization.

However, because they’re not all that popular but also not rare, this also explains the lower price.

Finnish Lapphund Rescue and Adoption

If you’re interested in rescuing or adopting a Finnish Laphund, there are several rescue websites out there that can help you.

The Finnish Laphund Club of America, for example, has information available for dogs they have available for rescue.

Rescue costs hover around $500, which covers the costs associated with fostering dogs and making them more “adoptable.”

If you manage to find a Finnish Laphund at your local shelter, you can expect to save even more money.

Shelters typically charge around $150 as a “donation” to cover the dog’s shots and spaying/neutering.

Because this breed isn’t a popular one, and because they’re such amenable family dogs, you may have difficulty finding one at your shelter.

However, you can tell them you’re open to a mixed breed, or you can put your name on a list for when one comes in.

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Finnish Lapphund Cost of Ownership

Something that often surprises people are the expenses associated with owning their new dog.

For example, do you have money set aside in the event of a medical emergency?

Photo of Finnish Lapphund Sitting In The Grass

Or, on a lesser level, can you afford to pay weekly or monthly for your dog’s food?

Here are some of the expenses you should plan for before bringing home your new Finnish Laphund.

Cost of Food

Feeding a mid-size dog shouldn’t break your bank (and if it does, then you should wait until you can afford to feed a dog before you purchase one).

Your vet should advise you on the best brand(s) of food to purchase, as well as how much to feed your dog in one sitting.

You should expect to spend about $35 a month on one of those large bags of dog food.

Health Care Expenses

Thankfully, the Finnish Laphund is a rather healthy breed.

However, you can never prepare too much for an unexpected medical issue.

Some of the conditions the Finnish Laphund breed falls vulnerable to include:

For the most part, these conditions aren’t all that serious.

However, you never know if or when your dog could develop cancer or suffer a fall and break a leg.

That’s why it’s always good to have a rainy-day fund set aside, just in case.

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Training Programs

For the most part, the Finnish Laphund is easy to train. However, you may get that one Lappie who acts more stubborn than the lot.

If so, you’ll need to decide whether it’s a good idea for you to hire a professional dog trainer to help out.

Depending on what your Lappie’s struggling with, you may want to evaluate the possible training programs out there to see which is the best fit.

For instance, unless you don’t have any opportunities to socialize your Lappie, then you probably don’t need a group training session.

Though, one-on-one lessons may cost you more, since the trainer will dedicate an hour or so to training just your dog, rather than a bunch of dogs at once.

You’ll need to research the possible programs in your area to find the best fit – financially and otherwise.

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Grooming Costs

If you don’t have a lot of time to groom your Lappie, then you may need to consider hiring a groomer.

These dogs can cause a lot of work in that they require daily brushing during their shedding seasons.

You don’t really need to bathe him, though, unless he gets dirty.

Groomers can come to you with their mobile vans, or you can go to them – whichever you prefer.

Of course, it all comes down to price in the end, so definitely shop around before you settle for one company in particular.

You may also want to consider a groomer if your pup gives you trouble with his nails, ears, or teeth.

All of these parts need regular maintenance, and if you adopt or rescue an older dog, he may give you some trouble with this.

Generally, though, if you get him used to this kind of care while he’s still a puppy, then you shouldn’t have any problems with him as an adult.

Not only is life easier when you put the time and dedication into your pup, but you can also save money in the long run!

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