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6 Finnish Hound Temperament Traits You Need to Know

The Finnish Hound temperament is one full of fantastic traits. He’s a highly active, intelligent, and affectionate dog that will bring a lot of joy into a household. There isn’t much about his characteristics that don’t make him a perfect family companion.

But there are some potential problem areas for a possible owner.

His excessive barking is one issue, which could end up driving you nuts. It also doesn’t help that his independent nature gives him a stubborn streak.

These are only some of the Finnish Hound behaviors that you’ll need to understand.

So, keep reading and get a handle on his entire temperament before you make your final decision.

The Finnish Hound Temperament and Personality

1. Highly Active

The biggest struggle a Finnish Hound owner will face is keeping up with his activity needs.

He’s an active breed that needs multiple sources of exercise. If you don’t provide them, he’ll find his own.

This situation isn’t something you want to experience. It often ends up with him tearing apart couch cushions or chewing on your favorite shoes.

The best course of action is keeping them busy with the activity you provide.

Experts agree that the Finnish Hound exercise needs require 45 minutes of activity per day.

There are various ways to meet this requirement. It could be something as simple as daily walks or playing fetch.

2. Talkative

A Finnish Hound loves hearing himself talk, and his barking will be a regular presence inside your home.

This behavior is a result of his hunting days as he would bark when he caught something.

These days this alert system extends to seeing squirrels, people walking near your home, the mailman driving by, etc.

Anything that seems remotely interesting to him will result in a bark. But like most undesirable traits, you can tone down the barking by teaching him the quiet command.

This trait is the reason why the Finnish Hound temperament isn’t the best fit for apartment living. His barking will end up driving your neighbors crazy when it’s not managed correctly.

3. Independent

The Finnish Hound temperament was developed to be an efficient hunter.

This background means he’ll have a certain independence nature about him. It could result in him being stubborn or strong-willed.

He’ll require a bit more patience than other breeds. This independent nature is manageable with the proper training and owner. You should never underestimate the power of a tasty treat.

His independent nature doesn’t stop him from being prone to separation anxiety though. Due to this, leaving him alone for long periods could result in some tragic circumstances.

Finnish Hound owners have come home to their dogs having bloody paws and other self-inflicted injuries.

4. Friendly

You’ll never have a problem with the Finnish Hound temperament appearing aggressive.

He’s even good with kids, which a rarity among dog breeds. He also doesn’t have a problem with strangers coming up and petting him on the street.

If you’re looking for a dog to take around town, a Finnish hound is a good pick. All you have to do is ensure you keep him well-socialized from an early age.

We should mention that he can have an issue with other non-dog animals such as cats.

5. Intelligent

This breed is relatively smart, and the Finnish Hound temperament is