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What’s the Entlebucher Mountain Dog Temperament?

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog temperament makes him a tough, sturdy dog who loves his family as much as he loves to roughhouse! With a self-confident and smart personality, this loyal breed can make a perfect companion for those in colder climates.

Photo of Entlebucher Mountain Dog | Dog Temperament

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Temperament and Personality

Given that you are interested in the breed you will want to get familiar with these six “must-know” temperament traits.

Learning about the Entlebucher Mountain Dog temperament will help you know what to expect and understand why your dog behaves a certain way.


He doesn't bark unless he's confident there's a reason to bark.

This is a very good thing because when an Entle barks, you know to pay attention. That's what makes him such a fantastic guard dog.


The Entle loves his family with all his heart. Because of this, he is suspicious of strangers.

This makes him a good watchdog, in addition to being a good guard dog. Some dogs can only do one or the other well, but the Entle has both qualities mastered.


Be careful when you try to play rough with this dog. He'll take you up on it…and he'll probably beat you at it, too!

This is a dog who's up for whatever you want to throw at him. He'll look at you with that happy pant as if to say “bring it on!”

This is a strong dog that may surprise you with his strength. However, keep in mind that he is a working dog, so it makes sense that he is so strong.

Photo of Entlebucher Mountain Dogs | Dog Temperament


The Entle is happiest when he is taking care of his family.

He's great with children, though he's way too rowdy for a home with toddlers. You don't need a big dog knocking them down all the time, scaring them and potentially hurting them.

However, with bigger kids, he loves playing fetch and other games in the yard.

He loves to stick his nose into everything that goes on at home so he can keep an eye on his loved ones and make sure they're okay.


Most working dogs are intelligent. This is because, in addition to being burly, they must also know how to solve problems in order to be effective at their jobs.

The Entle is no exception. His confidence stems, in part, from his intelligence.

However, his intelligence may also make him more stubborn to train. He may test you to see if you are serious about what you're trying to teach him.

Hold your ground and remain consistent, and he will come around to respect you as his leader.


He doesn't need any help to solve a problem. He can figure it out all on his own