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Catahoula Lab Mix: A Great Match (OR NOT??)

Stunning in appearance with a well-balanced personality, meet the crossbreed of a Labrador Retriever and a Catahoula Leopard Dog—the Catahoula Lab Mix.

Commonly known as a Labahoula, this 2-in-1 canine requires a lot of love and a firm hand in training. So, if you are an experienced dog owner with an outgoing family, a Labahoula would fit right in with you!

But remember that not all crossbreeds are the equivalent of the best traits combined. Depending on the puppy and how they grow, one may inherit and nurture a stronger gene from a parent dog than the other.

Photo of Catahoula Mix Dog

Read on to know what to expect from a Catahoula + Labrador dog breed.

An Overview of a Catahoula Lab Mix

When crossbreeding, there’s no guarantee what type of Labahoula you’ll get because of so many aspects they can inherit. But rest assured, we’ve pinned down possible characteristics that you’ll see in this mixed breed.

Labahoulas Temperament

  • Intelligent and assertive explorers
  • Gentle and charismatic with kids of all ages
  • Loyal and protective watchdogs
  • Enthusiastic athletes that are always on the go!


We can distinguish a Catahoula Lab by 2 things:

Unique Coat Pattern and Color

Its pattern ranges from patched, solid, to even a tricolor. Depending on the parents, its color may be traditional black, red, brown, beige, or blue.

Striking Eyes

The eyes vary between blue, amber, brown, and chestnut. Other Catahoula Labs have an uncommon case of heterochromia—a fascinating condition when one eye differs in color from the other.


  • Mainly for companionship, but would perform well as service dogs
  • As natural-born leaders, they excel in hunting, herding, and retrieving


  • Male: 60 to 95 pounds and can stand between 22–29 inches
  • Female: 50 to 65 pounds and can stand between 21–24 inches
  • The average weight is 40–90 pounds. Knowing their parent’s size is helpful for a more accurate weight prediction

Exercise Needed

  • 2 hours of training and exercise a day
  • Examples of exercises could be toys, walks, and playing fetch


The average life expectancy of this breed lasts between 10-14 years. Its major ailments you should watch out for are:

  • Bloating
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Limber Tail Syndrome
  • Congenital Deafness

Should I Adopt a Labahoula?

Photo of Catahoula Leopard Puppy

There are many things to consider before taking home a canine with mixed traits. For a Labahoula, your environment and lifestyle will be vital foundations for its growth.

Take your time to consider these four questions we’ve listed if you’re thinking about adopting a Catahoula Lab Mix.

Am I Ready for The Commitment?

Training, exercising, and socializing will be a slight challenge if you’re only starting as a pet owner. Investing time, patience, and discipline will result in a well-behaved Labahoula.

Does My Home Have Ample Space for a Labahoula?

Owning a spacious home and open field is a paradise for these inquisitive dogs. With agile legs and slender physiques, they’ll burst into a run to explore your yard or investigate rooms before tiring out.

Do I Have Any Children or Senior Citizens at Home?

When introducing a Labahoula to the family, be prepared for its unruly behavior. Some breeds will be on their guard when meeting st