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Canaan Dog Temperament: How to Bring Out the Best

The Canaan Dog temperament is intelligent, alert and active. And he is naturally skeptical of strangers unless you convince him otherwise. 

These traits make the Canaan a perfect fit if you want a dog that makes a good guard dog and family dog.

Photo of Cannan Dog Brown Outdoor

7 Canaan Dog Temperament and Personality Traits

There are seven traits that are “need-to-know” about the Canaan Dog temperament and general behaviors.

1. Devoted

The Canaan is a loving family dog.

He is loyal to his family and deeply protective of those he loves.

If you’re not the type to lavish physical affection on your dog, that’s okay.

The Canaan is self-reliant. You do not need to reassure him of your love with constant petting.

2. Quick

He’s an active dog who will leave you in the dust if you can’t keep up.

Not only quick in the field, but he is also quick to learn commands, too.

3. Alert

Because he is so careful, he will bark at anyone new who comes in the door until you say that person is okay.

He will settle in once he realizes that you are in control and that the newcomer is not a threat.

4. Cautious

The Canaan has a strong survival instinct. As a result, he is not quick to trust anyone he doesn’t know.

This does not mean he should be shy or aggressive, though. Dogs who are either shy or aggressive have not been adequately socialized or trained.

Photo of Canaan Dog Black

This instinct makes him just as good of a guard dog today as experts say he was all those years ago.

Note that a guard dog is not the same as a watchdog. A guard dog should never be aggressive the way a watchdog might be.

5. Intelligent

Because the Canaan is so intelligent, i