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Can Puppies Eat Treats?

As a dog owner, you can give your puppies treats once they turn 6 weeks old. The only exception to this is dental treats, which you should only give to puppies once they hit the 6-month-old mark.

Treats are an excellent way to provide a reward for your pup to reinforce good behavior. In fact, they’re the most effective way that you can train your pup.

Are there any considerations you should consider when giving puppies their treats? Let’s look more into it.

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What Are Suitable Treats for Puppies?

To clear things up, any treat that an adult dog can have is also acceptable for a puppy. As long as they’re soft enough for their teeth to chew and small enough to fit in their mouth, you’re good to go.

The only difference is that small dogs have underdeveloped jaws and teeth, so you have to break the treats down.

This is either through breaking the treat into smaller pieces or by giving them mellow options.

Still, there are treats designed specifically for puppies. These are typically easier to chew and are richer in DHA and calcium.

The first helps in supporting brain development, while the second works on developing strong teeth and jaws.

What Are the Best Treats for a Puppy?

There are three major types of treats that you can give a dog: Jerky dog treats, freeze-dried treats, and soft-baked treats. Let’s look into each one of those.

Jerky Dog Treats

These are the most delicious as they’re bursting with flavor. They’re quite chewy, which makes them a good choice for training their jaws to be stronger.

Also, they last longer, so your puppy is bound to love them.

Freeze-dried Treats

Freeze-dried treats are also flavorful, though not as much as jerky ones. They’re quite medium, even leaning toward soft. With that and their small size, they’re very easy for puppies to munch on.

These are great options for behavioral training when you want to reward the pup for doing something good.

Soft-baked Treats

As you can tell from the name, these ones are the softest of the bunch. This is why it’s very easy for your puppy to enjoy them without any worries.

Can I Treat My Puppy Using Human Food?

If you train your puppy to eat some human foods that are safe from them, they’ll grow to enjoy them. However, you should be very careful with what human foods you give your little dog.

Human foods may contain levels of fat and calories that are higher than what your pup needs, leading to obesity issues.

Not only does that affect the overall health of the puppy, but it could also reduce its life expectancy