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20 Ca de Bou Temperament Traits You Must Know

The Ca de Bou temperament is courageous and independent. He is a Spanish bulldog from the island of Mallorca.

He has the calm and gentle disposition to be a great family dog. But he is also an intelligent dog with a stubborn streak and powerful instincts.

For this reason, the Ca de Bou is not a good choice for a first-time dog owner. This breed needs an experienced trainer who can be a strong leader.

The Ca de Bou Temperament and Personality


The Ca de Bou is a smart breed who is capable of learning easily.


Like many intelligent dogs, he likes to do things his own way. He is not the easiest dog to train. He needs firm and patient guidance.


The Ca de Bou temperament can be very stubborn with an owner who hasn’t established his or her dominance.


The Ca de Bou learns quickly how to manipulate humans. If he’s not properly disciplined, he will always have the upper hand.

Some say if he gets away with something once, he will expect it forever.


His disposition is calm and sweet. The Ca de Bou temperament is very tolerant with children and not reactive.


The Ca de Bou temperament is loyal and devoted to every member of his family.


He shows great love and affection for his people. He is not a one-person dog but loves adults and children equally.


He has a pleasing personality and is very friendly to people he knows.


The Ca de Bou temperament is very playful, especially with kids. He’s always happy to play, inside or outside.


He is agile and far more flexible than he looks. He is good at dog sports and loves to work closely with his owner in these activities.


The Ca de Bou temperament is extremely brave. His ancestors were bull baiters and dog fighters.


This breed has a calm and quiet disposition. Even with suspicious strangers, he will remain calm but expectant.


The Ca de Bou temperament is naturally quiet. They don’t normally bark a lot.


This is an excellent Ca de Bou temperament trait if you’re looking for a watchdog. Otherwise, this natural distrust of strangers and other dogs can be a problem.

You would need to socialize him to strangers early, especially if you have frequent visitors.

He also needs to be socialized to other dogs from the very beginning.


The Ca de Bou temperament is extremely protective of his family, including the children.

One Ca de Bou owner says about this breed that the Ca de Bou will never let anyone into the house when no one in the family is at home—with no exceptions. She adds that he is determined and cannot be bribed.

He will also instinctively but calmly move his body between his owner and a suspicious stranger.


He is equally content to be relaxing at home or to be working or playing outdoors. He can adjust from relaxed to protective or territorial in an instant.


The Ca de Bou will not back down when confronted. This is directly related to his ancestors’ jobs as bull baiters and dog fighters. It can be a problem if he’s not properly trained.


He can be good with dogs if they’re raised together. Otherwise, he will need firm training and socialization.


The Ca de Bou has a calm, self-assured demeanor. He is not shy. He can be aggressive in certain situations.

Aggression Tendencies

If he is meticulously trained, this is not likely to be a problem. (See Training.)

Ca de Bou History

The Ca de Bou, or Perro de Presa Mallorquin, originated in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Ca de Bou roots go back to the 11th century.

Initially, there were two types of Ca de Bou—the cattle dog and the bulldog. Today, the