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Boykin Spaniel Temperament – 6 Traits to Know About, Plus Other Important Info

The Boykin Spaniel temperament makes for one interesting dog.

On the one hand, she is one tough cookie who can spend the entire day out hunting with her master.

On the other, she’s a gentle and loving family dog who loves to cozy up to her family when the long day is through.Photo of Boykin Spaniel

A Brief History of the Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed

The Boykin Spaniel dog originated in South Carolina as a hunting dog. In fact, she is still the state’s official dog today.

Specifically, the Boykin would accompany hunters on smaller boats that would be too small to fit an average retriever.

A banker discovered the first-ever Boykin when the dog approached him and tried to make friends.

He liked the dog so much that he brought it home, then sent it to a friend who then cross-bred the dog with other breeds.

Boykin Spaniel Temperament and Personality

The six must-know traits of the Boykin Spaniel temperament are that they are:

  1. Energetic – If you’re constantly on the go, she’ll be right there beside you.
  2. Companionable – She is just as likely to be as friendly with your friends as she is with you.
  3. Eager – She’s just as excited to play outside with you as she is to watch a squirrel outside her window.
  4. Friendly – She’s a happy-go-lucky dog who personifies the concept of “man’s best friend.”
  5. Intelligent – She learns new concepts quickly and understands what you’re trying to tell her.
  6. Trainable – Because she’s so intelligent, she’s easier to train.


The Boykin is versatile in her enjoyment of activities. For one thing, she’s a fantastic swimmer.

However, if you do take her swimming, make sure you dry her ears well. If they’re left wet for too long, she can develop an inner ear infection.

She will easily lap you while running or hiking, as she gets tired out a lot later than you do.

Keep Her Busy

She expects you to continue giving her new things to do. And will look at you expectantly for another task once she has completed her primary task.

You Be the Pack Leader

When it comes to listening, she does best when you clearly establish that you are her pack leader.

Once she understands that, she will be more than willing to listen when you want her to do something.


She is a very versatile dog and will adapt well to whatever new environment you put her in. If your career requires you to move around a lot, she’ll be in her glory.

Share The Love

The Boykin loves to be the center of attention, so make sure you give her plenty of extra love whenever possible.

Boykin Spaniel Hunting Instincts

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