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Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix (Bostchon) Sensitive, Stubborn

The Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix temperament can be too much for some people. This is because the Boston Terrier in him makes him quite the stubborn little pup.

But he makes up for it with his sweet Bichon Frise side, who just wants to be your little snuggle buddy.

Learn more below about the temperament of a Bostchon before you bring him home.

Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix Temperament and Personality

The Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix temperament can drive you crazy.

But if you’re a patient person who doesn’t mind putting in the time and effort, then you can have a great family companion in the Bostchon.

He’s Stubborn

Perhaps the most important thing to know about the Bostchon is that he can sure act like a stubborn mule when he wants to!

The best way to drive this out of him, in addition to training, is to keep him on a schedule.

Don’t introduce him to too many new things when you bring him home. If he feels overwhelmed, he can become quite difficult to deal with.

He’s Amenable

Once you get past his stubborn streak, the Bostchon is actually quite the happy little pup.

He loves pretty much everyone, from little kids to other dogs and the elderly.

He may do better with older kids though, as he may not have the patience for roughhousing, depending on which breed he takes after more.

However, if you don’t socialize him early and often, he may experience some dog aggression in the beginning while he gets used to being around dogs.

He’s Close to His Family

The Bostchon is up for playing outside with you, playing inside, or just snuggling on your lap.

He lives to please you, which helps with training him out of his “independence.”

He’s Sensitive

The Bostchon is one of those dogs who runs and hides in the corner if his owners are arguing.

Be careful with raising your voice around him, as it will make him nervous.

Try to keep yelling and harsh scolding out of your training practices. Instead, focus on what he should do better, rather than on what he did wrong.

The Bostchon Appearance

The Bostchon has a unique appearance, that’s for sure.

Some Bostchons basically look like Bichons, but with scrunched-up little faces.

Bostchon Weight and Height

A healthy weight for a Bostchon is 13 to 17 lbs. This is actually pretty heavy for a smaller dog.

He gets his heft from his Boston Terrier side!

He also grows to a maximum height of between 10 and 16 inches tall. So, he’s pretty tall for a small dog, too – also a trait inherited from the Boston Terrier.

Bostchon Colors

The Bostchon usually comes in a combination of black and white.

However, some Bostchons come in brown or brindle, like their Boston Terrier parent.

Is the Bostchon Hypoallergenic?

Nope, sorry – due to the Boston Terrier’s coat, the Bostchon is, more often than not, not a hypoallergenic dog.

So, if your eyes well up and itch and your nose runs when you’re around dogs, the Bostchon is probably not a good choice for you.

What is the Bostchon Life Expectancy?

The lifespan of a healthy Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix is between 10 and 15 years.

This is a pretty decent range, though other Bichon Frise mixes tend to live closer to 12 years at a minimum.

You can’t even blame this on the Boston Terrier, who lives an average of 13 to 15 years! It must have something more to do somehow with the genetic combination.

A Brief History of the Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mixed Breed

The Bostchon certainly has two interesting parents, that’s for sure!

The Bichon Frise originated during the 12th century and served as companions to Spanish sailors.

The Boston Terrier, named for the city of their origin, has actually never come into his own insofar as his appearance and personality.

In other words, the breed is still in flux, with traits varying greatly from one Boston Terrier to the next.

In that respect, you just never know what to expect in the bundle of surprises that is your Bostchon!

How Do You Train a Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix?

Both of the Bostchon’s parents are smart dogs. Therefore, he is, by proxy, a smart dog, too.

While this is wonderful because he learns new tricks quickly, it can also make him smug and independent, which translates to his acting stubborn.

For this reason, you may find that training a Bostchon is rather difficult.

The best way to tackle his obstinance is to train him as soon as you bring him home and be consistent with it.

If you find that you’re just not getting through to him, perhaps an obedience class or even personal trainer may be in order to whip him into shape.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! When you give up, his bad habits can turn into permanent behavioral problems, which can become a real issue with an adult dog.

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How Do You Groom a Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix?

A Bostchon doesn’t shed much, so you don’t have to worry about him being high-maintenance.

However, depending on the length of the coat your dog inherits, you should still brush him regularly to prevent knots and mats from developing.

Bathe him once a month and trim the hair around his ears and eyes when you notice it’s growing too long. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then you need to take him to a groomer.

Long hair in the eyes and ears can perpetuate infection.

You should also be on top of his dental care inasmuch as small dogs tend to develop dental issues when their teeth overcrowd their smaller mouths.

Brush his teeth every day to prevent infection and other dental problems.

Staying Healthy

As far as the Bostchon’s health goes, it’s actually rather impressive.

This dog puts to shame anyone who claims “mutts” are unhealthy dogs.

The only serious concern you need to worry about with the Bostchon is patellar luxation (a knee condition), and this is a manageable condition.

That’s not bad at all!

Some of the minor concerns that can also affect the Bostchon include:

Of course, always take your dog to the vet at the first sign of anything seeming “off.”

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The Bostchon is pretty energetic and so requires a daily walk around the neighborhood or visit the dog park to burn off his extra energy.

Happy Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix
Happy Boston Terrier

Be careful with taking them out in the summer, though, as the Bostchon is sensitive to hotter temperatures and can overheat.

This is fine, though, because the Bostchon loves to play inside as much as he does outside.

Whatever you do, though, be sure to stay consistent. In other words, take your Bostchon for a walk at the same time every day. He does best when you keep him on a schedule.

Finding the Perfect Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix

If you’re looking for a Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix for sale, you may want to try adoption first.

A lot more people abandon mixed breeds than purebreds, so you have better luck finding “mutts” at a shelter.

If, however, you want to go with a Bostchon breeder, then it’s important to arm yourself with information to protect yourself from bad breeders.

Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix Puppies for Sale

The Bichon Frise Boston Terrier Mix price should run you somewhere in the ballpark of $400 or so.

However, if the Bostchon has show-quality parents, then it’s not unheard of for the price of a Bostchon to rise closer to $1,000.

Bostchon Adoption and Rescue

Why pay close to $1,000 for a Bostchon when you could find one at your local shelter who needs a home and who is less than half that price?

If you’re looking to adopt a Bostchon, and you don’t see one at your shelter when you visit, keep checking back.

Small dogs tend to go quick at shelters, especially small dogs with vibrant personalities. The same is true for puppies.

You can always let the shelter staff know the kind of dog you’re looking for so they can keep an eye out and call you when one comes in.

Bostchon Breeders

A great way to find a reliable Bostchon breeder is to ask around. Word-of-mouth and online reviews are incredibly helpful when trying to find a good breeder.

You should never buy the dog online though. Make sure you visit the breeder’s home first to ensure she is properly taking care of her dogs.

Have a list of questions for her, and a list of answers to give to her questions.

If she doesn’t ask you that many questions, this is a red flag that she doesn’t care who her puppies go to, and you should seek out someone else.

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