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Get the Best Great Dane Price (TOP THINGS to CONSIDER)

When you're considering bringing home a Great Dane, one of your first concerns is, rightfully, the price of a Great Dane. And, once you find out that it can cost you up to $3000, you may be wondering what if there are downsides that could lead to buyer's remorse.

Photo of Great Dane  With Woman Smiling Min

For instance:

  • Is this breed prone to any serious costly health problems?
  • And just how much food does a dog this size eat every day – will it be just as expensive to feed him as it is to buy him?

First, let's start with the Great Dane temperament. Understanding a dog's temperament is crucial to your purchasing decision.

You may be less accepting of the Great Dane price range if you found out something you didn't like about this particular breed's personality.

Great Dane Temperament and Personality

If you're looking for a “gentle giant” kind of dog, then you truly cannot go wrong with the Great Dane.

Sure, a dog that size is intimidating, but he's such a sweetheart.

He's large enough to be a guard dog but sweet enough to be a pillow when you're curled up on the couch together.

The downside, though, is that because he's such a love bug, he can suffer separation anxiety when you leave.

It is, therefore, best to only get a Great Dane if you know someone can be home with him at all times.

This breed is just like any other in that how aggressive he is, boils down to the individual dog.

Some Great Danes can be aggressive, while others can be nervous. In either case, both may bite to defend themselves.

However, you should be able to train them out of this bad behavior. And with a dog this size, you definitely want to fix any behavioral problems while they're still young and small.

The Great Dane, Up Close

The Great Dane's history tells us that he was a hunter of wild boars. Their owners also used them as guard dogs of their own property.

His history is important because it tells us that he is strong-willed and territorial, with keen hunting instincts. These traits can affect his behavior for generations to come.

Great Dane Size

So, how big is a Great Dane really?

The average height for a full-grown male dog of this breed is between 30 to 34 inches tall, with females coming in at between 28 and 32.

As for weight, these dogs average between 100 and 120 lbs. for a male, and between 99 and 130 lbs. for a female!