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The Basset Hound Price: A Rather Wide Range

Interested in the Basset Hound as your next best buddy?

Photo of Funny Dog Basset Hound Running With Stick
Cute Basset Hound dog running on the grass with stick

You may be surprised to learn that the Basset Hound dog price is actually incredibly high.

You can expect to spend between $1,800 and $10,000 or more for a purebred Basset Hound price!

Of course, you can save money on a Basset Hound by opting for a mixed breed over a purebred.

You can also try to adopt (around $150) or rescue (around $450) a Basset Hound, which can also cost much less.

Perhaps, however, you should get to know this breed’s temperament and personality before you make your decision.

The Basset Hound, Up Close

The Basset Hound originated in France as a descendant of dogs in the U.K.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used scent hounds, including Basset Hounds, as hunters.

This is important for you to know because most dog breeds that start off as hunters are still hunters to this day.

However, the Basset Hound seems to be one exception to the rule in that he gets along with just about everybody!

Basset Hound Temperament and Personality

Before you break out the wallet just yet, here are some things to know about the Basset Hound’s personality to help you make a comprehensive purchasing decision.

He’s a Sociable Dog

The Basset Hound is a pack animal and, as such, he’s not territorial.

He is a more social creature who enjoys having company – the larger the family, the better!

Cats, dogs, kids – no matter, the “animals” in his pack, he’s one happy camper.

You never have to worry about dog-on-dog aggression with the Basset Hound.

The downside to his pack mentality, however, is that he is more likely to suffer from separation anxiety if you need to leave for a few hours.

One way he’ll let your neighbors know you left him alone is by howling for a long…long time.

He’s a Docile Creature

The Basset Hound is the perfect choice for a family pet if you have small children.

One of the main reasons for this is because you can’t really annoy the Basset Hound.

If a child is playing too rough with him, rather than snap or lash out, he’ll just move to another, safer spot.

He’s Not a Great Guard Dog

The Basset Hound will probably alert you with a quick bark when the deliveryman comes to the door.

However, if you decide to let the deliveryman in, the Basset Hound will calmly greet him, sensing that if you’re letting him in, he must be okay.

He’s Not Entirely Ready to Leave Hunting Behind

While the Basset Hound is normally very docile, if he catches a whiff of something that interests him, your normally calm dog will take off like a shot!

bassett hound

For this reason, it’s especially important that you keep him on a leash while on a walk or at the dog park.

Otherwise, the Basset Hound typically has a rather low energy level.

He’ll exercise when you want him to (which should be daily), but he’ll be just as happy to settle in with you and relax.

He’s Stubborn

It all depends on your Basset Hound’s mood, but while one day he may measure his responses, on other days he can act downright stubborn.

Some Basset Hounds believe his stubbornness shows he has a lower intelligence level. However, some days he simply doesn’t feel like listening.

It may seem like your words aren’t getting through to him, but he may just feel like he’s not in the mood to obey you today.

Basset Hound Size

The average height for a full-grown Basset Hound is between 11 and 15 inches tall.

Their average weight falls between 44 and 64 lbs.

Therefore, the Basset Hound may not be as small as what you might have been looking for in a dog.

It’s good to know this ahead of time, since you don’t want to end up with a dog who’s larger than you can handle.

Basset Hound Price – How Much Do Basset Hounds Cost?

The Basset Hound price range is a wide one for sure.

While you may be able to get a Basset Hound for around $2,000 from one breeder, another may charge $10,000 or more as a Basset Hound puppy price.

Basset Hound price

It’s a smart idea to do your research ahead of time to see if you can save money on the Basset Hound average price.

One such way of doing so is by adopting or rescuing a dog from the appropriate organization.


The Basset Hound is a pretty popular breed, coming in at 39th place on the AKC’s list of 195 recognized dog breeds.

However, he’s not so popular that you should have any trouble finding one to bring home.

It’s actually a surprise that he’s not rarer, considering how the higher end of the Basset Hound price spectrum is higher than dogs of even rarer breeds out there!

Based on his increased popularity, however, the price of a Basset Hound in your local area may differ from Basset Hounds in other areas. It all depends on where his demand is.

Basset Hound Rescue and Adoption

If you’re interested in rescuing or adopting a Basset Hound, there are several resources online that can help you out.

For instance, the Basset Hound Rescue page can provide you with more information on rescues in the New York area.

Basset Hound

There are pages set up throughout the country to help you find a Basset Hound in your area.

Just remember to meet the breeder first – don’t ever buy a dog online, sight unseen.

Rescuing a dog costs around $450, but this is typically a “donation” the organization will put toward helping other Basset Hounds in need.

If you’d rather adopt from your shelter, you may have to keep checking in until a Basset Hound comes in. Or you can pick up a mixed-breed Basset Hound to get one sooner.

For an adoption at your local shelter, the cost should run around $150 for shots and neutering.

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Basset Hound Cost of Ownership

The cost of ownership is a concern with any dog. That’s why it’s a good idea to decide in advance if you have the time to properly groom and train your dog.

It’s also a good idea to see whether the breed you are interested in is more likely to suffer from any significant health issues.

For instance, here are some of the main costs of ownership associated with owning a Basset Hound.

Cost of Food

For a mid-size dog like the Basset Hound, you should expect to spend around $30 or so each month on food.

This depends greatly on the kind of food you choose to feed him, though.

Check with your vet to make sure you’re not feeding him anything too junky and ask for suggestions for quality food that can work with your budget.

And always follow the recommendations on how much to feed him. In other words, don’t overfeed him.

The last thing you need is him suffering from health problems because he’s obese.

Health Care Expenses

Thankfully, the Basset Hound doesn’t really suffer from anything too crazy in the way of health issues.

A big thing for Basset Hounds is dwarfism, which comes with its own issues, like back and joint problems, as well as intervertebral disk disease.

You also have to watch that your Basset doesn’t develop skin problems, which his loose skin makes him more susceptible to.

And, as with any droop-eared dog, you must take care of his larger ears, which make him more vulnerable to an ear infection.

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Training Programs

If you’re an incredibly patient person, then you may be able to train your Basset Hound without help.

However, as mentioned earlier, this little guy can act incredibly stubborn when he wants to.

If he’s just not in the mood, then he’s not going to take well to training.

If you find it impossible to get through to him, then you may want to hire a professional trainer for help.

You can take him to obedience school, where he can learn alongside other dogs, or you can hire a trainer specifically for your dog.

Of course, one-on-one lessons usually cost more money than group training sessions, so if this is something you really want to do, you should do your research first.

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Grooming Costs

Another aspect of owning a dog that many people forget to consider when shopping for puppies is grooming.

The Basset Hound, for instance, has a few areas, like his ears and skin, that may need more attention than other dog breeds.

For any floppy-eared dog, you need to make sure their ears are free of dirt and moisture to prevent ear infections.

And for the Basset Hound, his skin is loose, so you need to take proper care of it to prevent skin infections.

One such way to do this is to brush him at least once a week. He actually sheds more than you might expect for a short-haired dog.

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