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The Barbet Temperament Traits and More (Puppies, Grooming, etc.)

Some people consider the Barbet temperament to be one of the most pleasant among all types of dogs. They are calm, love learning new tricks, and definitely “play well with others”.

Since the 14th century, the Barbet has been used mostly for hunting. But the very friendly, amiable Barbet temperament now makes it a popular family dog.

The Barbet — pronounced “bar-bay” — is a French dog that is also known as the French Water Dog or the Barbet Water Spaniel.

Because of their love of water and hunting, the Barbet is unable to sit still for long periods of time. So if you have an active and large family, they will fit right in.

The Barbet Temperament and Personality

When you research Barbet behaviors, it won’t take you long to realize that this is the perfect dog for you. They have amazing personalities and very sweet dispositions, making them the perfect family dog for any family out there.

There are many reasons to love this dog but the Barbet temperament is perhaps one of the biggest. 

Active but obedient, friendly and loyal. This is one dog you’ll be happy to welcome as a member of the family

They are energetic and love to play with children but they also keep children safe. 

They are also not aggressive, making them the perfect pet for homes with children or elderly people living there.

Friendly and Very Active

The Barbet is a very active dog that likes to have something to do and they have very friendly personalities that include the love of snuggling.

They are great with both kids and adults and they have even been known to understand what type of mood their owners are in!

When it comes to other Barbet traits, you can count on getting a pet that shows little aggression and one that shows a lot of loyalty to its owners.

They are excellent companions, love to play, and are happy as long as they get a lot of play time and other activities.

Obedient and Dedicated

Would you like a dog that follows you around and shows you incredible attention? The Barbet is the perfect pet for you.

These dogs are especially dedicated to their owners to the point where they are sometimes a little goofy and exuberant. But that's their way of showing their love for their pet parents.

The Barbet temperament is easy to understand because these dogs are playful, attentive, friendly, and devoted. This, coupled with their adaptability around kids and other pets, makes them an especially popular pet for many families.

They Even Like Strangers

The friendly Barbet temperament makes them is even friendly towards strangers.

This makes it very convenient when you’re taking them for a walk. That's because they do not have the aggression that many other dogs do.

The Barbet puppy is especially friendly and pet parents will always enjoy raising them.

Taking Care of Your Family

The Barbet also makes a great watchdog. Your family will be safer if one of these dogs is in your home. However, they bark less often than other dogs so they won’t be barking excessively and keeping you awake at night.

A Few Barbet Disadvantages

The Barbet is popular among its owners. However, you should also be aware of some of the challenges of owning one. Some of these are described below.

  • The Barbet gets bored easily and it can be very destructive when bored.
  • They are prone to separation anxiety because of their loyalty.
  • Barbet love to get wet and muddy as often as possible.
  • They are hard to find and relatively expensive to pu