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American Bandogge Temperament (Fierce, Protective)

The American Bandogge temperament is incredibly loyal and protective. These dogs can make very loving pets, but they require an experienced and confident owner. American Bandogge temperament is not appropriate for a first-time owner.

These dogs were developed for guard dog work. They are a cross between American Bulldogs and Mastiffs.

The American Bandogge also goes by American Bandog or the American Bandogge Mastiff. We will use these other names interchangeably.

If you are thinking about adding an American Bandogge to your household, do a lot of research to make sure you are prepared to handle American Bandogge behaviors.

This article will provide you with some initial American Bandogge facts to help you make your decision.

American Bandogge Temperament and Personality

This section will explore the most common parts of the American Bandogge temperament.

However, please remember that all dogs are individuals. Therefore, there will be some differences between specific Bandogges.


The American Bandogge temperament is highly protective.

These large, intimidating guard dogs will protect their families with their lives. They were bred for guard dog work, and those traits are very prominent to this day.

American Bandogges are curious and alert. They will bark to warn their owners of any unusual characters.

You need plenty of socialization and training to prevent this trait from getting out of hand.


The American Bandogge temperament is incredibly devoted to family, including children.

These dogs are extremely loyal to their masters.

They are people-oriented dogs. They prefer to be with their families as much as possible.

Even though they look tough, they are sensitive dogs.

They do not do well left alone in the yard for long periods of time.

They prefer to be included in the family dynamics.

As with all dogs, always supervise their interactions with young children.

Moderate Energy Level

The American Bandogge has a moderate energy level. These dogs do not require as much exercise as some other types of dogs such as German Shepherds or Border Collies.

As long as you provide them with daily exercise and enrichment, they tend to be fairly lazy around the house.

Mental enrichment can include activities such as food puzzles, games, and interactive toys.

American Bandogge exercise can include activities such as walking, hiking, jogging, swimming, or participating in a canine sport such as weight pull.

Once they have received their daily exercise, American Bandogges are content to lounge around the house.

They have a laid-back temperament and are not considered hyper or high-strung.

Compatible with Other Animals if Socialized

The American Bandogge temperament can be compatible with other animals under the right circumstances.

However, it is crucial to socialize your American Bandogge with other animals and always supervise their interactions.

If not properly socialized, American Bandogges can show aggression towards other pets.

Eager to Work

The American Bandogge temperament makes this breed eager to work with his owner and perform a job.

American Bandogges are happiest when they are protecting their family “pack.”

If they do not have enough to do, they can become bored and destructive.

American Bandogge History

The term “Bandog” dates back to the Middle Ages. The word roughly translates to “chain.”

It is believed that these dogs were chained on properties during the day and released at night to patrol the grounds.

The modern American Bandogge was created in the 1960s by a veterinarian named Dr. Swinford. These dogs were called Swinford Bandogges.

Today, the name “American Bandogge” refers to a hybrid of any American Bulldog type dog and any Mastiff variety. Therefore, there is some variation within this breed.

The American Bandogge is a hybrid and the major kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) do not yet recognize this breed.

Bandog vs. Pit Bull

The American Pit Bull Terrier is similar in many ways to the Bandog.

In fact the Pit Bull Terrier is one of the breeds that can be crossed with a Mastiff to create the American Bandogge.

American Bandogge Size and Appearance

The American Bandogge is a massive and imposing canine. They have large heads, strong jaws and are very muscular.

Weight and Height

These dogs can easily weigh as much as 140 lbs. The typical American Bandogge weight range is between 100 and 140 lbs. Females can be slightly smaller.

The American Bandogge height range is generally between 25 inches and 29 inches at the withers.


The American Bandogge has short, thick coats.

The most common American Bandogge colors are brindle, black, fawn, red or blue. The only color that is less desirable is white.

American Bandogge Mastiff Training

The American Bandogge temperament is smart but can be strong-willed, so it is important to start training as early as possible.

Training is extremely important with a dog this size.

If you are going to own a dog that weighs more than 100 lbs., you need to have it under control at all times.

If you acquire your American Bandogge as a puppy, sign up for a puppy socialization class in your area. These classes will help your American Bandogge puppy learn important canine social skills.

If you adopt your American Bandogge as an adult, sign up for beginner’s obedience class with a professional positive reinforcement trainer.

Steer clear of trainers that use forceful methods or painful training devices such as shock collars, pinch collars or choke chains. Such tactics can actually exacerbate fear and aggression.

Instead, find a trainer that uses modern, positive reinforcement methods. This type of training will be much more effective and enjoyable for you and your American Bandogge.

If you would like to get involved in more advanced training activities, check out classes for agility, nosework, search and rescue, or weight pull.

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American Bandogge Grooming

The American Bandogge has a short coat that is easy to groom.

American Bandogge shedding is moderate and fairly easy to control with regular brushing, bathing, and vacuuming.

These dogs do tend to drool and some owners report a “doggie odor.”

Like all dogs, the American Bandogge needs regular ear cleaning, nail trimming, and dental care.

Is the American Bandogge hypoallergenic?

American Bandogge is not hypoallergenic. If you are seeking a hypoallergenic pet, check out this article for a list of other breeds.

Staying Healthy: American Bandogge Heath Issues

As with all breeds, the American Bandogge is prone to certain common health conditions.