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Akita Temperament and Behaviors (Experienced Owners Only)

Today we're going to talk about the Akita temperament. We will explore the good temperament traits and also the not so good.

Photo of Two Happy Akitas | Dog Temperament

It will become very clear very fast that the Akita Temperament is not very conducive to a first-time dog owner.

After looking at the temperament, we will tell you all you need to know about the Akita price and cost factors to be aware of before you fork out cash for an Akita.

The Akita Temperament Up Close

This ancient Japanese breed is sometimes also referred to as the Akita Inu. The Akita is renowned for his loyalty and devotion to his loved ones.

Akitas are natural guardians, and at 100 pounds, their physical presence is often enough to deter anyone with bad intentions.

The Akita is faithful to its masters. And whether you are a current or prospective Akita owner you need to know and understand the temperament of an Akita dog.

Different Akitas will respond differently to the same stimuli but as a general rule understanding the temperament of the Akita breed will help you understand how your Akita behaves under certain circumstances.

Alert, Responsive Akita Temperament

Akita temperament is faithful and alert which makes it an admirable guard dog.

It is known to guard the members of its family faithfully and senses danger very fast.

However, you should train your  Akita to understand that not all situations are threatening.

Photo of Cute Akita and Little Boy in Woods

For example, you should let the dog know that children playing and shouting are not a threatening situation.

You should also make sure that your dog is used to routine day to day noise in the neighborhood.

Aggressive Akita Temperament… Know when to keep a tight leash

Akita dogs are dominant and do not mix with other pets easily.

In fact, most of them even act in a hostile way when in the presence of other dogs. Something we call dog on dog aggression.

This is especially true if you never properly socialized your Akita with other dogs at a young age.

It's therefore not a good idea to let your Akita run wild in the p